Wednesday, November 14, 2012


As John keeps reminding me, we're on vacation! 

We are on a cruise that left Sunday out of Galveston.  We hadn't had a vacation so far this year, and we wanted something easy.  This fits the bill - we merely drove from Austin to Galveston and got on board.  After that, Carnival provides meals, lodging, and entertainment.

I am writing this concurrently but can't put the posts up until I get back.  There's surprisingly good bandwidth on the boat, but not enough to upload my many pictures to Blogger.

First, we had a sea day.  We  like making friends with other passengers, spending some time exploring the floating resort, and going to the shows and events. 

Yesterday, we went to Key West.  We saw the end of Highway 1 - at the southernmost point of the US, it runs all the way from Key West to Canada.  We did an overview tour on a bus, then

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