Monday, September 7, 2009

Ribber Lesson 6 - Broken Toe Cast-On

This cast-on is useful when you need a slightly tighter edge on k1, p1 ribbing or full-needle rib. It has an extra row of yarn at the beginning which holds the comb. That prevents the comb from stretching the knitting too widely.

It begins with a zigzag row, then carefully insert the comb so that the comb will be supported when all the ribber stitches are dropped. The comb will need to be inside the V formed by the yarn going from each knit (main bed) needle to the ribber needle below and back up to the next knit needle.

After you knit the zigzag row and drop the ribber stitches, you do another zigzag row and the rest of the circular cast-on, just like any other circular cast-on. Finally, when the piece of knitting is finished, you will need to remove that first row of yarn by pulling it out on the side opposite the loose end.

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