Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Very Nice Tuesday

Today, I was feeling much better, and at work, after looking at information on old tax returns back in the 70s and 80s, and getting advice from our audit and tax firm and our super-smart CPA/attorney treasurer (he's handsome, too, girls), I finally understand how to present some of the details on the new version of the 990 tax return for non-profit entities.

When you work someplace that's been in operation almost a hundred years, nobody really knows all the history. It's strange looking at old, handwritten tax returns that show pennies and old carbon-tissue copies of letters!

The new 990 is challenging to prepare completely and accurately. I will feel so good to have our two 990 returns done and filed!

A high point in my day was getting an email from the TSCPA that had the list of next year's nominated officers, and my friend Donna Wesling is going to be recommended to the membership for next year's Chairman-Elect. She has wanted this, is willing to do the tremendous amount of volunteer work and travelling involved. Donna has volunteered at both the local and state levels in just about every area, and I am elated for her. We're lucky to have her to lead TSCPA. Assuming the membership ratifies her nomination, Donna works for a year as Chairman-Elect and then the following year is Chairman.

Another highlight was scheduling a lunch with Gail Neely, whom I know from our Austin CPA chapter and have been hoping to get to know better.

Also, I got the drop stitch lace video done this evening and I'm uploading it. It was tedious for me because there weren't any built-in patterns for it and I had to fiddle until I got something that would show up on camera. I like how it turned out, once I finally got it done. Ribber drop stitch lace is very interesting, and if you haven't tried it, you need to!

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