Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two English Rib Lessons

Well, actually, there are four different techniques in these two lessons. One's done on a knit 1, purl 1 layout and the other one is done on a full needle layout. For each layout, I show how to have the main bed do the tuck stitches as well as how to have the ribber do the tuck stitches.

English Rib looks great! I've used it in quite a few situations, and in particular, I have an easy sweater on that uses English Rib to good advantage. Maybe I'll make a video about how to do that sweater. If you haven't tried it, please do. It might be listed in your manual as "half fisherman's rib." It has a different look and texture from ordinary fisherman's ribbing, though.

Lesson 8 - English Rib, 1x1 version

Do version 1 and then version 2. I went fast on the version 2 lesson, because it is incredibly similar to the first one, but I wanted to show it and show how different the stitch looks in the smaller gauge.

Ribber Lesson 9 - English Rib, Full Needle Rib Version

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