Friday, January 22, 2010

Assorted Updates

I have tried five different ways to make truly good DVDs out of the original footage that was edited and put up on YouTube, and have been disappointed every time. I expected blurry or grainy because that was not HD, but flickery and jittery are just unacceptable. It is quite possible that I quickly got used to the beautiful 1080p video and can't bring myself to go back.

My John seems to think it can be done, and if he figures it out, fine. My hopes of making the garter bar, beginner and ribber course into DVDs pretty quickly are faded. The current results violate my commitment to quality.

As an experiment, I refilmed the first garter bar segment in HD, and the picture is much, much better. Plus, free from YouTube constraints, I can take more than ten minutes for a lesson and show alternate ways of doing things, or more samples, or even show something tricky twice. Redoing may be the best way to go, but it keeps me from getting to move on to my terrific list of ideas to film.

We've been busy lately! We bought a fun little used car for our son for all the driving he'll be doing going to college in College Station.

I'm getting ready for the next demonstration at Knit Natters, and looking forward to seeing Sylvia's professional machine embroidery setup. To repeat the announcement, we are meeting in February. We were originally going to cancel, but we're on.

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  1. Hi Diana, why don't you make the videos available for download from your web site for a fee?? Or set up a subscription web site that charges a fee for access?? Maybe convert them to Quicktime format.