Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Best 2009 Blog Entries

Bloggers are doing lists of their best stuff from 2009, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon. You probably missed some of these, because I didn't start out doing the videos, and the knitting patterns are all over the place. In somewhat chronological order:

  1. Sock photos:
  2. I still love this lace scarf, and here's my pattern:
  3. In June, I finished a big volunteer commitment and started putting up machine knitting teaching videos. By midyear, I had put up the complete beginner knitting course on videos, which is organized here:
  4. In August, I was finishing up the garter bar course, which is organized here:
  5. Also in August, up went the beginner raglan sweater, and knitters started sending me photos and progress reports on it:
  6. In September, up went the ribber course.
  7. In October, I switched to projects, hoping readers would have time to make them for holiday gifts. Here's an afghan on the ribber:
  8. The child's English Rib sweater (fast, easy, & cute)
  9. In October, the Swirl Baby Blanket:
  10. Knit for kids in Nepal (you can still do this, but it ends soon)
  11. Warm child's hat:
  12. Warm lined slippers, on bulky (thinking Christmas, by now):
  13. Warm scarf from Homespun yarn:
I consider the socks a 2010 item.

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