Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PalPal Buttons Fixed, and Diana Looped

The PayPal buttons weren't working and are fixed now.

Today's adventure - I took today off to have a diagnostic test, and the doctor knocked me out for it. He said it's the same drug that Michael Jackson took to sleep at night (which was incredibly dangerous. We know how that turned out. When they give it for this procedure, an anesthesiologist has to be right there the whole time.).

Well, I'm a high-energy person who is hard to sedate, and I switched right off. Don't remember anything. Afterwards, I told the nurse I felt fine, and asked if I could go in to work, but she told me I wouldn't be alert enough and that I should not drive.

Everything was okay, and I came home awake, but all I wanted was a nap. I had lunch and spilled things; good thing I didn't try to drive. I slept all afternoon. I don't know how Michael Jackson functioned at all, poor man.

So Rip Van Winkle here is finally up and functioning. And knitting, too, as I film a new video. I'm kind of scattered because I'm chasing three knit projects at the same time.

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