Friday, April 16, 2010

Now Available - Entrelac DVD

Here it is - the EZ Entrelac DVD and booklet!

We musn't let the hand knitters have a monopoly on Entrelac, a versatile, three-dimensional and fascinating knitting pattern!  It's very practical for machine knitting.  This method, which uses short-rowing and a circular hand knitting needle, boils down to a simple, clear routine.  Why, after a while, you can sit there like me and listen to an audio book...(just finished The Woman in White, bless those Librivox readers).

On the hi-def DVD, the first order of business is to demonstrate the Entrelac knitting, piece by piece and step by step.  Learn how to start Entrelac, learn the two repeating rows, and learn how to finish Entrelac off.  But let's not settle for a mere sample, let's have a nice, eye-poppin', roomy tote to flaunt, so here's the additional knitting for that - gussets, handles, edging, and sewing.  Finally, at the sewing machine, I show how to make the cotton calico lining with lots of inside pockets.  The video is my usual approach - five clumsy thumbs on each hand (if I can machine knit, anyone can) and my usual detailed descriptions, nose-to-the-machine closeups, and breaking everything down into simple steps.

I managed to get the price down to $15!  I crammed all the video onto one DVD, and then realized we better have written instructions, so I added this cute widdy-bitty little booklet (12 colorful 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" pages) with the instructions and lots of diagrams.

Shipping cost is reasonable, even for international buyers, and I don't charge extra shipping if you order two items at once.  I guess that bears mentioning since I actually have three products now!


  1. I ordered it! So excited to get it - thank you so much. By the way, I really appreciate all of the hard work and excellent instruction that you put out there for us. I recently bought a brother 950i and would not ever have a clue as to make anything other than a scarf if it weren't for you!
    If you know of any machine knitting groups for the san fernando valley - studio city - please let me know!
    Lisa (

  2. Got it! Well done Diana. Once I get the hang of it by making the bag, I will be making a couple of sweaters. You've helped add greatly to my knitting skills arsenal. ;-)

  3. Hi Diana,
    Does Entralac require a ribber?

    Thank You,


  4. Diana, thank you for all your great projects, i want to purchase your book and dvd on ENTRELAC, can the information be adapted to the BOND-USM? love your instruction methods, background scenery, tone of voice, volume, everything. I'm glad I came across your videos on UTUBE.
    Los Angeles Chicana

  5. Hola, Chicana,

    The Entrelac works great on the USM. It's actually an excellent use for that machine.



  6. Hello Diana,
    I just ordered your entrelac dvd and booklet through this page. I did not notice the dvd is for machine knitting, and i do not have one. can i use this dvd and booklet to learn to do entrelac by hand knitting?
    thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

  7. Ana, it's for machine knitting. Hand knitting would be an entirely different procedure. Do you want a refund?

  8. Hello. Does the method on the DVD take each section off on waste yarn and rehang each section on each row, or leave the nonworking needle sections on hold while working from section to section on each row? Thanks.

  9. Hello. Does the method on the DVD take each section off the machine on waste yarn or holders as you work across the row, or does it hold the needles and leave all the sections on the machine as you work across without taking the sections off? Thanks!

  10. I don't use waste yarn to do this method. I leave groups on the machine, and when I take off a group of stitches to manipulate them, I use a skinny cable needle.

  11. Is this DVD only for bulky machines? If I can learn the technique on my standard gauge machine, I think I will be able to adapt some patterns.
    Thanks, Lindsey
    (one of only about 3 people in hot New Orleans who has a knitting machine!)

  12. It can be done on standard, midgauge, or bulky machines; however, this is a slower technique than ordinary machine knitting, and smaller stitches will take longer to do.

  13. Hello Diana, I was wondering if the pattern you have on YouTube for the entrelac pillow is included in this instructional DVD? My internet usage is limited so I would like to find a hard copy.

  14. I was wondering if the pattern for the entrelac pillow is included in this DVD?

  15. The Entrelac pillow is actually a free video. Here: