Friday, February 10, 2012

Great Cut and Sew Photos & Instructions

Over at Machine Knitting is My Life, here are terrific instructions and plenty of photos showing how to do a cut-and-sew neckline and neckband for a scoop-neck top.


  1. On all the 'cut and sew' sites I have looked at all deal with cut and sew at neck and arm shaping. So far I havnt seen any with advice for side seams. Is it better to knit the correct side on the machine - shaping as you go or could I knit a straight piece and use cut and sew? Could you advise.

    1. Since side seams are straight, it's usually best (and not too difficult, if you measure gauge accurately and do your math) to knit to size. You will have less waste. Cutting along a side seam is going to sever every row's yarn, making unraveling more likely, and side seams are not encased in a band like a neck (of course, you could put seam binding on, but that's work).

      I have, however, made a sweater I made smaller by doing cut-and-sew down both side seams. I had lost some weight. I sewed over those seams quite a few times with a zigzag stitch, and years late, it's still okay.