Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tom's Entrelac Yoke

Tom is one of the people helping me by testing the shaped Entrelac book.  Check out Tom's great-looking Entrelac yoke:

A very masculine look, almost an argyle look, but you also have that wonderful raised basketweave texture that you get with Entrelac.  Tom and Sylvia, in particular, have found typos, goofs, and unclear spots in the patterns, and are a huge help in my producing a quality pattern.  And Tom has suggested tips to make it easier.

This week, I'm re-knitting the pattern in maroon, white, gray, and black (charcoal gray is the main color) for my Aggie, Steven, filming as I go.  (It's pretty much the school colors.)  It's just a round and a half from finished, and then I'll photograph it.  I'm thoroughly enjoying this latest color scheme.


  1. Absolutely beautiful work. Looking forward to this being made available. Thank you Diana for all the effort you go to, you'll never know how truly appreciated it is.

  2. Have you sent out the pattern to all the testers you planned to use? I didn't know if you planned to use me to test it for the Bond or not, but wanted to be sure the post office hadn't lost the pattern. :o) I look forward to the completed book when you are ready with it.

  3. Hi, Alysha, I've puzzled about where to have you try this on the Bond. It requires a LOT of short-rowing, which is difficult on the Bond.

    1. You have a point there. I don't mind it so much, but I'm used to it. Others may not be so interested. I'll keep a look out for the book when its finished. I do have an LK 140 I can also use for smaller sizes.