Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Strange Photo

More than one pattern tester suggested I include a schematic for the shaped Entrelac book, and I couldn't picture how to do a useful schematic with numbers with so many sizes.  Because I have sizes from toddlers to large men in both bulky and midgauge sizes, my pile of charts is actually 2" thick. 

To show the shape, though,,I could use a photo like this, which is one of the sweaters spread out before sewing up.  I leave the waste yarn in place like this until the thing is literally basted and tried on.  It certainly shows a clear delineation of the place where the yoke joins the sweater.

The yoke is very three-dimensional, sort of a dome shape.  It's quite curly along the sides of the body and sleeves, because I don't want to flatten it with a hard blocking (and there's SO much stockinette).  The back raglan seams are longer than the fronts, on purpose, and the sleeves are deliberately lopsided to match.

What this photo makes me think about is the many hand-knitting books in which the authors seem to be deliberately seeking out strange shapes to knit, and they include peculiar photographs of their twisted baskets or strange pre-felted items. 


  1. Hi Diana,

    A picture is worth a thousand words!!

    I do have a question, it's difficult to see if the back of the sweater is longer than the front... It could be, since the back of the raglan sleeves are longer, but It also seems that the front and back slopes are different... So, what is it? A longer back, a different slope, or a little bit of both? :-)

  2. The back raglan seams will be longer than the front, because the neckline is lower in the front. The slopes are the same. Of course, the side seams match!

    1. Thank you Diana, it was hard to make out! ;-)

  3. Beautiful colors, looks like it is going to fly away. Waiting to see it finished.

  4. Hi Diana
    Thanks for all your tutorials, they have been so helpful.
    I have started making a machine knit yoke, but I dont have a pattern for a sweater. Is there a formula or a pattern you recommend for working out the number of stitches and the decreases for the raglan sleeves?

  5. Joyce Schneider did good round yoke patterns.

    These Entrelac ones are complicated patterns. I charted the yokes separately from the sweaters, because they are a different gauge. The sweaters are a modified raglan in standard sizes.