Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Attention, Enchanted Edgings Customers

I made an announcement on one of the really big Yahoo lists recently, and now that I'm stocked up again, time to make that same announcement here.

We republished "Enchanted Edgings" with punch card charts. The new edition has both electronic and punch card Brothers covered, and comes with a DVD that includes DAK files for both and video for both punch card and electronic machines.

Got a Brother punch card machine?  If you purchased Enchanted Edgings and would like the punch card pages, please email your postal address to me, and I'll mail you the extra pages and a new DVD free of charge! You can email me using the envelope icon on the left margin of this blog. We have already sent quite a few free packages out.

This covers the Brother machines, both punch card and electronic. It doesn't work with machines without a lace carriage. It doesn't work with Silver Reed machines.  


  1. Have so enjoyed your videos! Awesome help. Would love to know what machine you are using in vids. I have two manual machines and they are so hard to push, I feel like there has to be something better.

  2. I use a number of different machines in my videos. The Brother bulky I use is a 270. I often use a Studio LK150. I used a Brother 890 for the punch card portion of the Enchanted Edgings videos, and a Brother 965i for the electronic ones. I have also filmed on a Studio 860 and a Brother 970.

    Plastic bed machines are harder to push. I prefer the metal bed ones. Your machine should not be terribly hard to push; usually that means the yarn is too thick, or there's gunk in the fabric presser wheels, or something else is wrong.

    1. Thank you so much for the response. My machines are older, a Singer 155 and 700 (metal beds). I set up the 700 last night (just bought both of them) and it is much better than the 155. Much better made. I think I just need to get a newer one. Looking for an 860 and 970.

      Thanks again,

  3. I don't have DAK. Do I use the charts in the original printing of the book, or should I request the punchcard insert? I have an FB100 and a PPD.

  4. With either the FB100 or the PPD, use the charts in the book.

    I am still happy to send you the punch card information, if you like. Just send me your postal address by email.