Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Makes me wonder why she doesn't use a KM

Do you ever read Yarn Harlot?  I do.  I do love hand knitting, but here's a HK project that would put me in a coma.  I think the boredom is getting to her... 

Great reason to own a knitting machine with a garter carriage!


It's a garter stitch Dr. Who scarf.

UPDATE:  link fixed.

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  1. Your link isn't going to the Yarn Harlot :)
    I read her blog, and yes, I think she's crazy. I would never recommend a garter stitch scarf as a quick and easy, first project. Esp. a wide one. I won't even make one. Even a scarf with some sort of pattern to keep it interesting, makes me bored! Then of course, I find something too complicated and complain that I don't have any mindless knitting, LOL!!