Friday, January 25, 2013

Laundromats Have Sure Changed

Our dryer was tumbling but not heating, so John and I found ourselves with two loads of wet clothes and about five more small, sorted loads of things to wash.  We had to wash before there'd be time to fix the dryer, so we needed a laundromat last evening.

I pass a laundromat every day on the way to work, a Washutopia in an older neighborhood.  It looked large and nice from outside, and we didn't know of any other laundromats nearby. 

So - we get there, and this very nice employee helps us with a couple carts and teaches us to use the fancy new washing machines.  The place mostly has 2-load, 3-load, 4-load and 5-load washers, absolutely gobs of them, and we could both probably crawl into one of their enormous dryers.  It's clean, cool, and has free wi-fi, hot coffee, softened water, seating areas, magazines, and big screen televisions all over the place.  The attendant was very sweet to us, an absolute paragon of great service...what an experience!  We were in and out with the whole mess done in about an hour and a half.

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