Friday, January 25, 2013

Inspiration at Machine Knitting Fun

Isn't this sweater fun with all its lovely color and pattern?  It's a coat-length fair isle sweater that looks really cute on Lynne, even though she points out it's big:

And, she says it's light and warm.

Sweaters were madly popular at the time of this pattern, and we were still seeing oversized sweaters that looked best on ladies who want to look a whole lot bigger.  I think this sweater would look even better if the shoulders were corrected, either by using a set-in or raglan sleeve or just insetting the square sleeves to get the shoulders in the right spot. 

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  1. You know another funny thing about this sweater... she had just corrected the shoulders bringing them in for a better fit for the owner of the sweater. I have really narrow shoulders and short arms. Store bought sweaters never fit me. I guess all the more reason for me to make a sweater to fit me.