Monday, January 7, 2013

How we spent our weekend...

One the larger old microwave oven and wall oven were removed, a scorched area was revealed.  This picture shows the new microwave sitting there without its trim kit, which fills in the hole, and the nasty burn marks.  

The varnish was scorched, so we sanded the burned area down to bare wood and refinished it.


 Below the wall oven (near the floor), we had a hole because the old oven was 3" longer.  Wall oven sizes have changed since this house was built!

We talked about filling it in with either a board painted black or a board finished to match.  We purchased stain to match at the hardware store and finished a piece of oak.
Here's how it all looks now that it's finished.  It's not quite as bright as the picture up top.  The camera flash is lighting it.

We purchased and refinished an oak board for the bottom.  Home Depot cut the bottom board for us.  We asked them to cut it about 1/8" to long and John sanded it smaller until it was a tight fit.  It takes forever to sand oak!

Our local store will cut a board twice for free, and 25 cents a cut after that.  What a huge help!  The 3-1/2" lumber needed narrowed (ripped with the grain) down to 3" and we don't have the equipment.


  1. Wow! It looks very professional. Mcompliments to the carpenter.

  2. Wow you did a fantastic job! Looks like it was done by professionals!

  3. Thanks, friends! It isn't perfect, but it's good enough, and I am SO glad to have it finished.

    I am so enjoying having a nice oven. The house originally had a builder-grade, cheapo oven that was so uneven you had to turn the food. This thing just did a roast with the probe. Perfect. No opening it to check the food!