Saturday, April 30, 2011

Colorado Seminar - Wow, We had Fun!

Barbara and I had a fantastic time at the seminar in Broomfield!  We had a big group, about 40, and we ate and ate all weekend.  I'm going to have to go on celery and water to make up for it (just kidding, I don't have that kind of willpower).

We had a went to Chilis tonight and then we took care of the rest of our pint of ice cream, as if we hadn't already eaten all day long.  We had amazing potluck at the seminar.

The Colorado knitters were just wonderful - have such a well-run seminar in a great facility, pitched in and helped each other with setup and cleanup, paid attention to the demos, had great questions and ideas, seemed to be having fun, have a sense of humor, and bless them, they bought lots of my books and DVDs, which made the seminar profitable for us, plus we don't have to drag that stuff home!  Gee, it's heavy.  I enjoyed the conversation at lunch, especially the terrific love story that Geri shared with me.

I only dropped all the knitting on the floor once.  Sigh.  I'd like to get to where I don't do anything quite that doofy, but I guess I'm a work in progress!  Still, even the experienced knitters seemed to pick up something a little different.  I felt like my lace was very confusing with this one requiring end needle suppression and that one not, and this one increasing and that one scalloping, this one out of Stitch World and that one original...sorry for all the similar but different stuff, but we had quite a lace festival today.  I do give out pretty good handouts, a spiral bound book, though, which will help with confusion.

Barbara ran my operation like the champ she is, and I've decided I really couldn't do this without her.

Now the agenda is to get home, unpack, and start the next knitting adventure.

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