Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thanks for Supporting this MK Blog - Click Away, Knitters

It is said that if you give something away for free, people won't appreciate it.

This blog puts the lie to that idea!  I have made a lot of friends by "giving away" machine knitting video, lessons, patterns, ideas, and dubious advice, and I get a lot of appreciative emails.  There are a few people who have learned to machine knit from me.  I also have plenty of folks who support my blogger addiction by buying books and videos and clicking on my Adsense (Google) ads and my Amazon shopping box.  Thank you.

Even my own son, who isn't interested in knitting (except to snag the occasional finished item), says this is a worthwhile project based on the feedback we get from readers.  Of course, a finished project photo is the most awesome feedback of all!

I blog because I'm a compulsive write and I want to keep this remarkable craft alive, and you know, I'm having a good time with it.  If you want to help me out (besides buying my books and videos), I don't have a "tip jar," but I do run a few ads and an Amazon search box.  If you click on the ads, I get paid.  (Try Knit Picks - they have great quality sock and lace yarns at good prices.  Webs is another amazing site.)  If you buy something at Amazon, I get a small commission.  Did you know Amazon has yarn, Ultimate Sweater Machines and accessories?

I am not allowed to click on my own ads, of course, but every so often, when overwhelmed with curiosity, I put in their URLs without clicking here and am pleasantly surprised to find some cool, new-to-me knitting sites.


  1. As a machine knitter who did learn how to MK from you, your videos and blog I will always come to your site to click on the links. I just purchased a bunch of sock yarn from Knit Picks. Again, you are correct their sock yarn is the best I found, knits great and wears VERY well.

    Knit Picks has amazing prices on their sock yarns as they are currently running a sale on the stroll sock yarn (75% wool/25% nylon); also, low shipping cost.

    Thanks for letting me know, for sure will pay you back by cooming here to click on their links.

    Las Vegas

  2. I have looked all around your blog page on my screen, and I don't see any links that I can click on - Adsense, Amazon - where are they? I love Knitpicks and Webs, and would use your blog page if I could figure out how!

    With appreciation for all you do,
    Peggy in NC

  3. So many thanks for the wonderful information you make available to us!

    I'm not sure how to contact you, so I'm mentioning here that I bought your excellent Garter Bar Course video set. However, I've found that the first disk stalls through the middle, even after cleaning. It hasn't been played before, and there seems to be something out of whack with just the first disk. I would be happy to send it back to you, in order to get a replacement, or whatever you wish. I am weavrmom at yahoo dot com. Thanks so much!


  4. Beth, email me at diana_knits "at" sbcglobal "dot" net and send your snail address, plus remind me that you need the Garter Bar #1 DVD. I'll send you a new one. You can throw away the old one.

    Sorry - sometimes, not often, we get a bad disk!

  5. There's a row of links called Ads by Google across the top, and then on the left-hand side and down a little are a few ads. The Amazon box is also halfway down on the left.

  6. No kidding, a sale on Stroll? I'll need to get over there. I had a number of questions today at seminar about my very nice sock yarn and I told them it was the 75% wool 25% nylon from Knit Picks. So soft. Washes great, too!

  7. Thanks Diana!

    I was using Google Chrome, and those links don't appear on the page with that browser. However, they do when I open the page with Explorer. Interesting! (But I love chrome, and hate Explorer - surely there must be a way for the links to be displayed on Chrome??)

  8. That's interesting! I do almost all my blogging in Google Chrome, and I see the links. Hope all my knitting links are displaying okay.

  9. My machines sat in their cases for 10 years because every time I got them out, I made a huge mess even following the manuals step-by-step. Your videos (and a tutorial I found else where on fixing sponge bars) have enabled me to actually make items with my machines instead of tangled, frustrating messes. Thank you so much!