Monday, April 25, 2011

Update on Barbara's Zapped E6000

John gave Barbara's E6000, damaged in by lightning strike power surge recently, a good going-over on Saturday.  Here's what he learned:

The console's transformer is ruined.  The wires leading to it have browned, melted insulation, and the transformer is dead.

John tried her parts with my good machine, which is the same vintage, and determined that the electronics in the locks, motor, and reverse row counter are also wrecked.  He opened up some items to look for damage, but others he merely tested. 

About the only way to fix this machine is to replace the console, locks, motor and row counter.  Sigh.  We have a lot of thunderstorms in Central Texas, and I really need to change my own habits and leave my machines unplugged unless I'm using them!

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