Friday, April 29, 2011

Hi from Colorado

Here we are in Lewisville, Colorado, and this is the evening view from the window.  Barbara and I went for a walk to get dinner - found an Outback within walking distance, and pigged out - and the wind was blowing hard like a storm is coming in.  Check out this dramatic cloud.  Clouds or not, it's beautiful here with lovely mountain ranges and trees with spring blossoms.  We're getting a break from the suffocatingly hot weather we've had lately in Central Texas. 
Karen, who gave us a ride from the airport, said there has been very little snow so far this year but that it's in the forecast for the weekend.  It's very dry here just now - I guess we didn't get away from the drought we've been experiencing in Austin.

We had a nice trip so far with a quick flight on a full plane, and we're at a comfy hotel with pleasant staff and everything we need.  The hardest thing was dragging all the STUFF - books, DVDs, pet tools that I can't manage without, and knitted samples. We filled all four suitcases we were allowed and had two heavy carry-ons, as well.  Of course we don't know what I forgot yet!  I'm totally psyched out for tomorrow's seminar - can't wait.

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