Monday, April 11, 2011

Knit Natters Saturday

We had a wonderful club meeting with two new people.  I did a Brother demo and Barbara did a DM-80 demo, which is a rare thing.  She had just recently acquired and rehabilitated a DM-80, so she showed everyone that famous triangle card.

We've got growing pains!  We had so much to do this meeting that we didn't get much in the way of photos.  The Knit Natters Yahoo group is very helpful, and Joan Corte has created a roster with contact information to help us stay organized.

Here's a photo of my demo samples.  I did a bunch of hand-manipulated trims which you would either put along an edge, use as an insertion, or apply on top of the knitting.  They lie fairly flat and are interesting looking.  Some of the club members wanted to be able to match the samples to the items on the instruction sheet, so I said I'd post a photo here.  If you start on the right, that's the ruched bars, then moving leftward, there are the ruched hearts, then the long tucked trim, then the dainty trim, then the small twisted trim, then the jerked trim, then the small jerked trim, then the eyelet bias trim, and finally, the chevron trim.  The blue and green samples were done on my bulky machine and the tiny white samples, on Barbara's standard gauge at club.


  1. Neat, are there instructions for far away people?


  2. Ciao Diana spero ce li spiegherai.
    Sono molto belli i tuoi campioni

  3. Very neat! I would love some instructions on this. Or a video.. I see that you are wanting to cut back on admin stuff tho. :( I just got a knitting machine two weeks ago. And came across this site a few days later. YOU ARE AWESOME! You have eased my frustrations and kept me at it. I have made a scarf and a head band, I would have made more but I sit and fiddle around trying to figure out how to hand manipulate to make cool patterns and such. Thank goodness for speed ripping! :) I am so new to this but so excited to do more... I can even tell you much about my machine. I guess its a Brother 550. Is there anything you could tell me about it that I might want to know. (Keep in mind I didnt even know there was such a thing as a knitting machine a month ago) :) Anyways ... Thanks for this site! And all your time you put into helping others. Again. You are AWESOME!

  4. I really am trying to come up with strategies to reduce the admin time so I can have more time to knit and film. "My" beginners benefit when I come up with good video, and I need to do more of that when I can.

    I always have a lot of admin before a seminar. I have almost completed the prep for the Colorado seminar, though.

  5. Ha I was so excited while I was typing. I meant to say I CAN'T tell you much about my machine.
    The sponge bar had been replaced and It seems to be working like new. The the needles are close together and I guessing that its a standard gauge machine? I have only seen bulky and standard listed online. Once I get a little more used to things I'd like to us it to knit %100 Qiviut Maybe some mixed. . . Have you ever used that before?

  6. I have not used Qiviut.

    We are finishing our taxes (!) ouch and then maybe I can knit a bit this weekend!