Saturday, April 2, 2011

Praise for Guy Knitters

Hey, fella, do you think you are the only man out there who machine knits?


A number of gentlemen knitters email me, and I especially wanted to share this lovely picture from Irv.  Here he is with two adorable granddaughters, who are wearing their new sweaters made using the Beginner Raglan pattern at the end of the beginner course.  

Aren't they darling?  This photo really made me smile!

I'll never quite understand it, but isn't it fantastic to see a loved one looking so great in something you made yourself?

I wrote this pattern for any bulky machine.  If you have a ribber, you can do ribbed bands instead of the cuffed ones in the pattern.  If you have a standard gauge machine, I have a standard gauge pattern, as well.

The pattern is free, too.  With detailed free videos to help you along the way if it's actually your first sweater.


  1. They look sooo cute & cuddly. Very nice work.

  2. Diana, thanks for thinking of us guys who machine knit. I am guilty for having emailed you and you have always been so very helpful. It has become my addiction and an awesome stress reliever. Your DVD and instructions are great, THANK YOU! Good job Irv!!! Tom in Las vegas

  3. I love it when people email, and my very favorite is when they send a photo. Sometimes I think the question is too difficult to answer by email, and in those cases, I'll say so. For me, there is a big disconnect between trying to describe something mechanical in words and actually doing it, which is why I use so much video.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying MK! This is a great hobby. Because we work quickly, we can learn so quickly, and we can make so many items.

  4. Very nice sweaters Irv!
    Thanks for posting the photo, Diana.
    Seeing as there is a mechanical (sometimes electronic) machine involved, I'm surprised that there aren't many more men/guys knitting. There are plenty who hand-knit expertly, so why so few showing up as machine knitters?