Sunday, January 15, 2012

Great Video - The Russian Join

I picked up the link to this wonderful video at the new "Fun With Big Brother" Yahoo group.  This is a group for us folks who love bulky knitting machines (in general, not just Brother), and so far, I like it very much. 

If you're hesitating to join Yahoo machine knitting groups, well, I think you're missing out.  You don't have to write anything, you can lurk, and nobody minds.  The groups contain a wealth of information and are stunningly, almost free of negative behavior (most of them are moderated, too).  Knitters just seem to be nice people!  They are very accepting of both newbies and varied opinions about the craft. 

Here's the link to Fun With Big Brother.

This video is the best explanation  I've seen showing how to do the Russian join, where you can put together two ends of yarn.  I won't go on about the Russian join - watch the video, because she does such a good job explaining its purpose and how to do it:

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  1. I have used this technique for as long as I can recall. As I tell everyone, I avoid seaming if at all possible and the same with hiding the yarn ends from joining a new ball of yarn. This method does not give you the funky stitches weaving ends under and over needles can sometimes do. Also, I have never had this "undo" after a garment is worn and laundered repeatedly. There are different methods but this one never lets you down!