Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Keep On Keepin' On

Each evening this week, I'm coming home and working on the mess I created moving everything all over the house to make the studio.  Yesterday, I helped put our little office back together.  You couldn't walk in there, because the small room needed serious rearranging once we put the twin bed in there instead of the Brother knitting machine.

Tonight I moved more small things to Steven's own room and got more knitting stuff out of my bedroom and into the studio.  He's supposed to turn up tomorrow, and he has a bedroom with all his clothing.

I am facing up to the space shortage, and here is a fantastic Singer 9000 knitting machine (a Superba design with elaborate electronics, a motor, table, and its own little TV set for pattern design), if anyone is looking to buy one.  You'd have to pick it up reasonably near Central Texas.  This wouldn't ship easily; would require a number of containers and I'm afraid to risk damaging such a rare machine.  I did a brief video showing the machine's basics some time back. 

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