Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sylvia's Hobby Room - Rolling, Folding, and Creating!

Sylvia's craft room pictures are especially interesting because most of us have other crafts and hobbies besides knitting.  Sylvia is a seamstress and embroiderer, and needs space for her sewing machines, computer, printer, and cutting space.  She also has multiple knitting machines and sewing machines.  Her beastie sewing machine isn't even in these pix - it's a professional embroidery unit that almost needs its own room!

Sylvia has wall cabinets to stretch space, and also plastic boxes on top of the cabinets.  According to the organizing books I've been reading, you put the things you use the most often at hand, and things you use less often farther away.

Sylvia has her knitting machines on wheeled platforms, so she can pull out a machine she's using and push it back when she isn't using it.  Once the machine rolls away from the wall, there's more elbow room for extension rails.

Sylvia has a drop-leaf sewing worktable in the corner of the room.  It's on wheels, and she can either flip up one side and use it where it is, or roll it into the middle of the room for a bigger work area.

Another view of the room shows two sewing machines and a serger, ready to go, with bulletin board space and thread racks on the wall. 
Closer shot of the computer work area, and then one showing her Toyota KM, which is under a cover.  The Toyota is also on a rolling platform. 
One more way to go on up the walls with storage - bins on a high shelf. 

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