Saturday, January 7, 2012

Trying on the Entrelac Sweater

It fits.  In worsted weight yarn, it is very warm.  I have the charts done for the mid-gauge, so maybe that's next, but I was going to do a toddler-sized one first.

There is some "bubbling" in the yoke on these; the Entrelac is a very three-dimensional, textured look, and the stockinette body, in contrast, is flat.  I prefer the 3D look, but you could block the whole thing flat.  If you did that, you need to block the swatch as hard as the sweater, or else you'd get a nasty surprise trying to make it fit.

I was going for a coming-out-of-nowhere look for the Entrelac on this one by using the main color at both the beginning and ending rows of the yoke.  Some of my sweaters were done this way, and the others have a light color to begin the yoke trials for a distinctly round look to the yoke.


  1. Congratulations You alone can do a similar job very good

  2. That sweater is lovely Diana! And so are the other entrelac sweaters you have made, I like the 3D look also. I have never done entrelac before, is it easy to do? you would have to show us how to do it some day.

  3. It's easy to do. At first it seems a little difficult, but after a few rows, you can do it without much thought at all. I do have a square Entrelac book and DVD. I haven't figured out a YouTube video because it goes a little slowly, and the limit is 10 minutes.

    Once I get the patterns completely nailed and tested, I'm going to do a book and DVD on the shaped round yoke Entrelac sweaters and the shaped hats.

  4. Congratulations,nice to see it on you. Looks great.