Sunday, January 8, 2012

Marge Coe's Knitting Room

Marge was kind enough to send her knitting room pictures, and they are chock-full of fantastic storage ideas.  She said it's a small room, about a 9-foot square, and look how cleverly she's used the space!

Marge, you have no idea how much I enjoyed your photos.  I'm amazed at what you did with your space and how neat and handy everything is!

This first picture is the view upon entering the room.  Okay, what great storage ideas do we see here?  First of all, I'm fascinated by the shelves behind the machine on the left and the way she stacked an extra machine underneath.  There are tighter shots of these later.  I think she's setting a good example for us by keeping her knitting machines covered when not in use.
Marge's second picture was labelled "behind the door book storage.  I love the way she's got her books and magazines organized into binders and holders.  I've been meaning to do that.  I've been watching for deals on the magazine holders. 

Next photo - Marge's punch card files.  I am so impressed with her organizing them by type into the hanging files.  I used to stick them in notebooks with pocket pages, but I like this better. 
This one was labelled, "Behind hall door."  Now here's a great idea.  It's an over-the-door organizer, and lots of different ones are availabe for shoes, accessories, and so forth.  This is on my shopping list! 

This is her pegboard.  Look how she used the pegboard to store her long objects, like garter bars and combs.

And here is her picture labelled, "Below Pegboard."  More books in magazine holders.  Little plastic drawers.  Boxed items.  Books.  We machine knitters store a lot of odd-shaped items.
This one is "Cupboard under TV" and I like the way she has a television on a corner shelf and then tucked additional storage underneath.  You have to put those ribber weights on something sturdy.
Next, a closeup of those little shelves behind her 360 knitting machine that we saw in the first photo.  Super handy storage for small items.

Here's what's under the 360 - another machine packed in its box and sitting on the table braces plus a cone holder with some yarn currently threaded.  I use cone holders - they keep the cones from tipping over and an workworker might make one for you!
Here's another little storage spot in a corner.

Shelves of coned yarn. 
LK-150, set up for knitting.
And, below the LK150, Marge has equipment stashed in boxes. 
This yarn tree is sometimes called a "double" yarn tree - it holds more than a tree with just one pole up the center.  At my house, I have a single and a double in my bedroom.  My double looks just like Marge's - and mine rotates, so hers probably does as well.  I have a lot of cones of yarn that were given to me and didn't come with clear plastic bags, and I was able to find some rolls of small wastebasket bag liners at a big box store, which I use to cover yarn that didn't come with a plastic cover. 
Here's Marge's bulletin board.  This is a good idea - a place to tack up idea, swatches, and general things to think about or things in the works.  I have tended to leave them lying near my machines, which gradually just creates a mess.


  1. Wonderful photos. I can't help but comment on the 4th photo of the over the door organizer. A hammer is handy. How many times have we felt like taking a hammer to a machine? LOL

  2. Wow! I am so impressed with the storage and utilization of a small space. Being a neatnik and an overall everything "at a right angle kind of guy" I really
    Iike how everything has its place and in order. Excellent job Marge!

    My hammer is for my head when I do something stupid at the knitting machine. I used mine today! LOL

  3. That is just an amazing room! I want one!

  4. I've met Marg, and I'm thrilled to see her knitting room now. It's awesome! I also loved seeing the hammer! I do have a door in my room that I could hang something like that, thanks for the idea. I don't have a lot of actual wall space, so I need tips like that (and ideas for stuff that I can do without involving the husband, LOL).

  5. This must be one of a kind; It doesn't look like she ever does any knitting in this room; it must take so much time to keep it this tidy. :)

  6. Wow! I love the peg board idea and I have just the wall for it! My accessories are scattered everywhere and some days I spend more time searching than knitting. LOL Thank you Marg and thank you Diana for posting these pics!