Monday, October 9, 2017

New Video: Mitered Neckband

I have a new book out, "Mid-Gauge Mastery," which has thirteen patterns for sport and DK weight yarn for your LK-150 or other mid-gauge machine.  It comes with two DVDs that have 5 hours of video instruction.  The book is available over at

One of the things many knitters find difficult and tedious is making a good-looking V neckband.  Here's one from my new book, "Mid-Gauge Mastery," that is hemmed - no ribber - and looks just wonderful.  This, I believe, is a good, clear explanation of how to do this.  I achieve a crisp center V by decreasing onto the center stitch every other row three times, putting in a looser turning row, and increasing on each side of that center stitch every two rows three times.

One secret to this - don't move all the neckband stitches in and out for the decreases or increases.  Do the work at the center front first, then move it over and move the stitches on just one side of the neck.  With this baby sweater, you can do this with just a triple transfer tool, but if you want to speed up the job, use a 7-stitch tool or a garter bar.