Thursday, April 11, 2019

Something New - A Click-to-Buy Pattern: Diana's Simplified Entrelac Afghan - UPDATED POST

A friend, Leslie, is knitting my "Squared Away Simplified Entrelac Afghan Without Triangles," and she's put some information on social media about the project.

Leslie is actually on an RV trip and knitting away in a screened-in room with a view!  She's got a nifty little knitting studio to take on the road.  Leslie is a relatively new machine knitter and NOTHING STOPS HER.  She has made amazing things!

Here's a photo of my sample of the afghan.  This pattern is made on a bulky (9 mm) machine.  It uses the waste yarn method of doing Entrelac.  It requires worsted weight yarn.  Mine was made with four colors of Simply Soft.  You'll want a waste yarn on hand that is about the same thickness and contrasts in color to all the other colors.  This is a VERY fun scrappy afghan, if you want to use up all sorts of yarn!

This afghan starts in a corner and each diagonal row of blocks makes it a little bigger.  If you want a bigger afghan, keep adding on...and on...

If you are curious about the waste yarn method of doing Entrelac, I have two videos about it on YouTube, although they are more complicated because you have to make the triangles to begin.  Here's Part One and Part Two of the Entrelac Pillow.

Another thing that is interesting about this pattern is the "picture frame" edging.  It's a sturdy, doubled edging with mitered corners that is a good addition to your knowledge of techniques and finishes. 

2022 UPDATE:  I've added an additional edging to the pattern - my favorite edging for this!  Here's a photo.

This pattern is available for purchase at this link.  All my books and videos are available at

The pattern is $7.50 plus tax.  It will be EMAILED to you as soon as I see the order.  I check orders daily.  

Monday, April 8, 2019

Inspiration at My Blue Heaven Knits

Check out these great-looking stitch patterns that are a combination of a needle out of work and cabling techniques: