Sunday, April 22, 2018

Ozlorna Talks About Knitting Lace With Cotton

Knitting lace with cotton yarn is difficult, and Ozlorna has some great advice about taking it on, here:

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

New Video for April - Purl Graft Ribber Bind-Off

And the ribber bind-off lessons go on and on... Not that I was meaning to put up so many, but I just found them very interesting.  This one has an unusual look, is stretchy, and pretty easy:

After this, in a couple weeks, we'll have the crazy-simple whip stitch ribbing bind-off.  Promise me you'll try that one - it's just amazingly simple and has a great look and stretch.

Then in May, we'll do the classic Smiles and Frowns ribber bind-off (the one I use the most). 

On top of all these, I've got another ribber bind-off that isn't filmed yet - a smiles and frowns bind-off I cooked up for those situations where you end with ribbing waste yarn and not circular waste yarn, like the videos above.  This is IDEAL for use with your circular sock machine.  I need to get it filmed and up, too, as it's really changed the way I make my CSM socks!