Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Errata as of 7-10-24



As of July 10, 2024


Shawl Collection

Page 2:  Change this line to read “mid-gauge or bulky” as follows:  Machine:  You may follow these directions for a mid-gauge or a bulky machine.

Page 16:  In the third paragraph from the bottom, after “Thread garment yarn and knit 1 row to the right,”  add this sentence:  Set row counter to 000.

Page 16:  In the second paragraph from the bottom, delete the words after Repeat * to * up to the last sentence, which you leave.  Replace them with “until row counter reads 040. You will have only a few needles in work.  This paragraph will now read: “Carriage on right.  Set the carriage to H for short-rowing.  In H, it will not knit needles extended to “hold” or E position.  *On the far left, pull 7 needles to hold.  Knit to left.  Put one more needle in hold just to the right of the ones already in hold.  Knit to the right.*  Repeat * to * until row counter reads 040.  You will have only a few needles in work.  That is the decrease part of your triangle.”


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