Monday, August 6, 2018

Diagram for the Tuck Lace Afghan

Here's the diagram for the tuck lace in the Tuck Lace Afghan, Stitch World #125 for the Brother 270.

If you need to punch a card, you would repeat this design3 times for 24 stitches, with shaded squares being punched and white squares unpunched.

The hooks at the bottom indicate needles in work.  The O symbols indicate needles out of work, in A position.

The dark squares knit.  The white squares tuck if they at a needle in work.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

August's Video is a Nice Tuck Lace Afghan

I whipped out this afghan a while back (it really is fast) using 2 strands of 2/12 Tamm yarn.  I have a lot of Tamm, and am quite happy with how it works, not just on my standard gauge machine, but on my bulky and mid-gauge machines.  For the bigger gauge machines, I use  more than one strand.

My afghan has a wide, sturdy hem that gives it a much tidier finish than an edging or a fringe would, at least for this yarn and this stitch.

If you have a DK weight yarn or even a worsted weight yarn, you could make this afghan.  Mine took about 3 pounds of yarn total, about half of that the lighter rose and half the darker burgundy. 

The afghan also has latched joins and latched sides.  They're easy to do, have an interesting look, and also go quickly.