Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Summer Seminar 2020

Most of the live machine knitting seminars have been cancelled, so let's have a virtual seminar! 

I'm excited to use technology to offer a high-value, content-rich Summer Seminar on a "virtual" platform. If you've never attended a seminar, here's a crazy-easy opportunity to see what the excitement is about. You don't have to travel, stay in a hotel, or eat in restaurants. You can spend your time and money knitting, instead!

I'm doing the teaching, four morning sessions of machine knitting demonstrations.  This will be the equivalent of a good weekend seminar, but I am able to add LOTS of features by using technology.

What will I cover? This seminar will include a nice blend of machine knitting basics and fresh new demonstrations. There are four sessions: a hand-tooling session, a joins and edges session, a lace session, and a ribber session. In each session I have a basics section, a variety technique section, and then I'll present a free pattern and show its key techniques. I will be demonstrating on a Brother bulky, a Brother standard gauge, and a Studio mid-gauge machine.

What else do you get?  In addition to the live seminar you will receive:
  • Membership in the private Facebook group, Summer Seminar 2020, from your registration date until September 8 (after Labor Day). This group will have all the materials and photos, which I'll be posting from now until the seminar. You can make new MK friends, reconnect with others, and share your progress, projects, and machine knitting tips, challenges and ideas.
  • The ability to watch the live sessions again, or watch later, if you miss a class (materials available through September 8).
  • My usual detailed seminar handouts in .pdf format.
  • Free patterns that are taught in the seminar sessions, also .pdf.
  • A 10% limited-time discount coupon code for any of my mail order products. I have never had a sale before, in fact, it is my policy not to run sales.  This is a special one-time event!
When: Four Saturdays, beginning on July 11: 7/11, 7/18, 7/25 and 8/1, from 9:30 a.m. CDT (GMT -5) and running until about 12:30 p.m. John and I will begin a little early to help make sure people are getting access to the seminar. If you can't make some of the dates, no worries! The video will be posted after the session on the Facebook group, and you will have access to all the other materials through the Facebook files.

Where: You'll be home on your device, and John and I will host from my home knitting studio. John's going to help with technical issues and facilitate any Q&A that's necessary for the group experience. I have a lot of content, and you might find it helpful to print the handout for that session ahead of time.  I try to write handouts with enough detail so you very seldom need to take notes.

Pricing: Registration is $50, with early bird pricing of $40 available until June 10.

Requirements to Attend: You will need a Facebook ID and login, a device for viewing the sessions and viewing the electronic files and photos.

Register at:
Summer Machine Knitting Seminar 2020

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

May Video - Seaming Garter Stitch

There are plenty of ways to seam garter stitch - but what are the very best ones?  Can we get an beautifully reversible seam?  How about an invisible seam?  How about a very flat seam?

After a whole lot of experimenting - trying out all the methods I could find, then tweaking them - I've made a video to show you what I think are the two best methods: