Tuesday, June 4, 2019

I have a new book and DVD - It's about circular sock machines!

     I know, on this site I usually write about general machine knitting, but circular sock machines count, don't they? And CSMs are a passion of mine.

     I got my first one well over ten years ago, and I've had several since then. Over the years, I've made great bunches of socks with them. I decided that I might have something to offer in this rather crowded field, where there are so many wonderful videos and people are even manufacturing beautiful reproduction machines. (Pictured: my beloved, 100-year-old Legare 47.)

     I do socks my own way. I've made so many and tried so many ways to do them (and tried so many machines), and I've gradually settled into my very favorite ways of doing them. Besides, I love to teach, I love to teach with video, and I love to help beginners. This has a nice, long hi-def video that teaches a couple of different sock patterns and a bunch of techniques, and you'll see some techniques you haven't seen elsewhere.

     There are practical problems with sock machines. How do I find one? What accessories do I need? How am I going to learn this oddball craft? Or, in my case, I was thinking, can I think in circles?
How about this question: how do I fit different people if my eccentric old machine really does best at a certain gauge and I need to knit that gauge?
This is also a good product if you're just thinking about making the leap into this craft.
Well, I took it on, and I hope you like it! Here's the blurb:

The Happy Cranker
Circular Sock Machine Success!

       A nice, homemade sock made with good, soft sock yarn is a joy to wear and a much-requested gift. Great sock knitters make a sock using high-quality yarn, and it stays up because it fits - no spandex necessary! They graft the toe seam so it is just as smooth as the knitting and there's no lump to rub on sensitive toes. The cuffs have a beautiful, professional-looking selvedge.

      The circular sock machine is a fascinating little device that makes knitting LOTS of gorgeous socks possible! CSMs, both antique and reproduction, have become tremendously popular in the last few years. Maybe you're thinking of getting one. Or maybe you've got one and you'd really like to have an experienced CSMer sitting right there showing you exactly what to do.

      I have been using circular sock machines for quite a few years and I've owned a number of models of these machines. I make a beautiful sock, and in this book and video I share exactly how I do them. Everyone does these a little differently, and I'm showing my own methods.

     The book has information about finding a machine, getting the right tools, accessories and supplies, choosing sock yarn, marking your cylinder, beginning to knit, making socks that match, and getting gauge and fitting socks. I also have a beautiful sewn selvedge method for perfect ribbed edges.

      And then, there's the DVD: The 2-hour DVD teaches these techniques in detail. I teach a beginner's 60-stitch hemmed sock on a New Zealand Auto Knitter (a modern reproduction). This is a great little sock to get you started, and uses a 60-stitch cylinder and no ribber is necessary! You don't have to wait to master your ribber. If you can knit tubes and short-row, you can knit a sock.

Next, I teach my absolute favorite 72-stitch sock on my 100-year-old Legare 47. I like lots of small stitches for a nicely padded foot, and 72-stitch socks wear especially well. This is a sock with ribs along the top of the foot as well as up the cuff for an absolutely ideal fit.

PRICING: The book and DVD are $25 plus shipping (US $3 for even multiple-item orders, and see international shipping is more). This package contains two hours of high definition video that looks crisp and clear even on your big TV screen, and shows you the techniques with detailed, up-close views.

TO ORDER go to www.dianaknits.com, or you can "Buy it Now" with PayPal: