Monday, November 29, 2021

New - I have a free Facebook Group

 I have a new Facebook group for all knitters - Knitting with Diana Sullivan.  Click here to get there!  

Please join my Facebook group - I promise, there is already some some good content.  For instance, I just put up a big file of original 8-stitch Fair Isle patterns for those of us using the Needle Beetle on our plastic bed machines.  More about that later, as I will have two more videos to put up about the Needle Beetle, one on the Brother 350 and one on the Brother 395.

This is a public, free Facebook group, unlike my private seminar groups.  I've been advised to use Facebook for a lot of the same things I do here, so, hey I'm diving in now that so much machine knitting content is on Facebook.   The other reason that I wanted my own permanent, free Facebook group is that people share their projects and photos and I love to look at that content.  

I learned, using Facebook for virtual seminars, that it can be a very happy experience.  We simply stick to knitting topics only!  Therefore, this new page is another encouraging space for those of us who need a respite from the divisive, click-bait, edgy, cranky internet.  

We knitters have an awful lot in common and really enjoy each other's company.  Aren't we lucky to have such a wonderful hobby community!

Lately, there's such a lot of new MK stuff going on with me.

I just finished another big virtual seminar, Joy of Machine Knitting.  This time, it was holiday-themed, and I did more patterns than ever.  I just mailed out the USB drives to members today, and they have over 58GB of patterns and videos on their USBs!  While I am teaching, I record the classes.  Since there were SO many patterns, I also made detailed, edited videos of most of the patterns.  And then there are all the written-out patterns included.  Yep, I know I need to offer the USBs for sale to non-members on my regular site.  I'll do it soon, I hope.  December can be overwhelming...

I think those of you who attended Joy of Machine Knitting who live in the US will see your USB drive by the end of this week.  Those of you who live in other countries, well, I just don't know.  Mailings during Covid are slow enough that we expect at least three weeks transit time to most countries.  

Another new thing - my shopping cart store doesn't do automatic digital download patterns.  Consequently, I've just started (like 30 minutes ago) a new Etsy store, not fully loaded.  Want to go look?  It's here:

I put up a new elf hat over there, as shown in the pic.  This pattern has five sizes (babies to grownups) and all three common gauges.  No ribber, but a garter bar is very helpful.  I have a YouTube I will put up that teaches the hat with the baby size, and then you'll be all set to make the other sizes and gauges as you need them.

If you order digital patterns at the usual place,, I email them to you.  At Etsy, you get them immediately, even if I'm sleeping!  Anyway, we'll see how it goes.  I won't use Etsy for my other products until I've learned it a bit more.