Saturday, January 24, 2015

Five Seminars This Year!

This year, I'm booked to do five seminars - San Francisco, CA; Waynesboro, PA; Monroe, MI; Princeton, MN; and Dallas, TX.

Right now, I'm working on the knitting curriculum for the classes.  I like to do detailed handouts so attendees don't have to take extensive notes.  I'm trying to freshen up everything in my classes.  I think I'll have a long session of "just for fun" things like the cable join and the twisted fringe.

Also, I've been knitting a sweater in a very nice mohair.  I have the parts knitted, and blocking and assembling come next.

I'm playing around with Design A Pattern charting software (from Ilene Levy) and I put a big, fat cable up the center front.  I wanted a design that would show up in the very fluffy mohair.  This yarn is really a teal, that is a dark turquoise, and to my surprise, it looks quite green in the photo, at least on my monitor.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Great Article on Yet Another Canadian Artisan - How to Sell a Knitting Machine

This is an article about how to sell a knitting machine that I noticed at the Canadian Artisan blog.  What wonderful information for non-knitters who find themselves with one of these complicated setups to sell.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year - And January's Video, Early

And, here we go again...I need ideas for possible videos for this year, and while I've brainstormed a fairly interesting list of ideas and pulled some ideas from emails, your suggestions are most welcome! 

I decided a great way to start the year as a machine knitter was by giving my machines a little LOVE.

In this video, I quickly run through the steps for a little preventative cleaning and maintenance.   A lubricated, oiled machine makes knitting easier, helps prevent stuck buttons and levers, and stops a lot of wear and tear on the machine caused by rubbing metal and gunky yarn fluff.  This TLC takes only a few moments, and it's a good idea to a quick clean and lube after each project, and a more thorough job every few months.