Friday, January 9, 2009

Sock Roundup

I am still tweaking the Legare to make it rib better on the 72 cylinder. I played a little with the Stretch from Regia. It behaves a little differently because it is so springy.

I took some pictures of recently made socks:

Made with Bare yarn, dyed with Kool-Aid. To get these stripes, which are about two rounds on the 72-stitch cylinder, I wrapped the yarn around the lip of my 6-foot kitchen counter and made a giant hank, then dyed half blue and half green. It was tedious, and then extra work to wind into a ball from which I could knit, but I got my stripes. These socks have no ribbing on the top of the foot.

The dark blue pair is the regular Knit Picks 75/25 sock yarn, in their teal color. I made a short cuff, ribbed through the ankle, so these are lowtops.

The red and light blue socks were dyed with Kool Aid. I tie-dyed the hank in three places. Yes, there’s a second blue sock.

These have the 1 x 3 on top of the foot, as described on January 7.

The pink, gray, hot pink and brown socks are Paton’s Kroy that I found at Michael’s on sale. It’s a much heavier sock. It knitted quite well, though, with my regular gym sock crew style and the ribs down the top of the foot. I got a pretty good color match by starting the second one part way into the skein.

None of these socks were blocked. The heels and toes are not flat, but the plump, springy feel of the knitting is retained. I don’t wash socks before I give them away.

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