Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Love My Feet (for a change)

Recheck with the podiatrist today. He did a small miracle on my feet.

For several years, I've had a lot of foot pain, even at times enough to keep me from sleeping. I wrote it off to getting older and carrying too much weight. Recently, however, I found a podiatrist by getting a name from a colleague and went, hoping for a little relief. He examined them and asked me how moving them in certain ways felt, x-rayed them and then he told me that wearing othotic supports in my shoes is the treatment of choice for my foot problems.

He actually held my foot above a scanner - looked just like an Epson scanner with no lid, and was hooked up to a laptop, and then he ordered the custom orthotics. My insurance covered most of the cost, and it took a week or two to get them.

I've been wearing them a couple weeks. The pain stopped in the first few days. I also have a neuroma on one foot that gives me numbness and strange sensations, and that has stopped unless I go barefoot for a while.

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