Saturday, February 5, 2011


This is the view from my front door Friday morning.

Austin got two inches of snow.  While this probably sounds like nothing, less than nothing, to my readers in so many part of the world, Austin only gets visible snow once every few years, and I've never seen this much snow in our neighborhood!  Austin and its drivers can't cope with snow.  We don't have snow plows, or snow tires, or chains, or cold weather driving skills, or enough sand trucks, and our freeways have lots of bridges.  In fact, the freeway I take to work each day is mostly elevated and terribly icy in bad weather.

I figured the forecast of snow was probably another non-starter, with a few blowy flakes that wouldn't even interfere with driving.  However, this was snow made a slippery icy mass on the roads, shutting down the school district, my office, and most ambitions for the day.  Here's a shot of my car, covered.

I knitted. I am knitting again today, after re- re- re-charting the baby sweater for my new book  and setting aside yet another slightly unsatisfactory sample.  I sewed buttons on the rejected sweaters, which are pretty cute and will work for my friend's baby charity baskets - they just aren't quite what I had in mind for the book.


  1. Diana, I have to laugh at the "car is covered with snow" part. You are right - that is only a light dusting, but what an excuse to have to stay home and knit!
    Those slipper socks look really cosy.

  2. Hey, Jamajo, I know our cold is a complete joke compared to real winter like you have!

    That's probably as "covered" as I will ever see my little car. You're right, I should have said "dusted."

    What our weather does though, is change very rapidly. It can be hailing and an hour later, the sun will come out. It's crazy.

    It's all over now. Coming home from church today was 59 degrees. We've had an amazingly mild winter, so this snow was a big surprise - and really didn't even last a full day.

    By the end of Friday I felt thoroughly guilty for not going in to the office. I certainly had some important work to complete and could have made the drive after lunch, just didn't want to be alone in that big building in a bad neighborhood.

  3. would you do some videos on intarsia

  4. I might later. I have a nice demo I do on intarsia, but I have a number of other things going on first.

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  6. That cracks me up, too, living in Minnesnowta like I do. I have 13 foot tall snow banks along the side of my yard, and the snow is hip deep in the yard. Oh, and it's currently -6 degrees. Enjoy your weather because it could be worse: you could live HERE! ;-)

  7. Hi Diana,
    I love your blog and thanks for all the videos you do! I just got a KH940 and KH260. Your videos have really helped me!

    We got a lot of snow and ice here in Fort Worth too! Sigh...I still had to work though! It was a scary drive!