Thursday, August 11, 2011

All Kinds of Updates

Watch this space, in about a week, for a new slipper for the soldiers.  I have the video all finished, but am having some uploading issues.  We've got to, once again, replace our DSL modem!  We have good internet for ordinary things like email or blogging, but not solid enough for streaming a video or uploading a big file.  This slipper takes only a few minutes and just a small amount of yarn, but it's quite a cutie.

Over at Yahoo Groups, Barbara is starting a group for knitting for the soldiers.  Watch for that, too.  A few of us are posting patterns to kick it off, and we are continuing to hope and pray for thousands of items for troops heading for cold Afghanistan.  Show the troops you care!

Little delay there, too - please pray for Barbara's daughter, Michelle, who is recovering from a major surgery.

I'm going to be out of pocket some of the next few days.  I have a fancy wedding to attend - my adorable niece's wedding, and am also spending some time with family.  I'll try and snap some pix for the blog, if anyone's curious, and put them up after the fact.

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