Friday, October 28, 2011

Goodies for Our Troops - Please Help, and Kudos to Laura

My colleague Laura wanted to help out with our "knit for the troops" project, where we send a little love and warmth to guys and gals being deployed to Afghanistan from Fort Hood, Texas.  Laura doesn't knit, but you don't have to knit to help!  Look what Laura made:

Laura sews and crafts, and these are thick fleece scarves that she made with a rotary cutter!  The edges are lovely, and they won't fray because fleece is knitted.  I wrinkled them up on my desk at work to try to show how long they are in the photo.  They're about 60" long (5 feet), but sometimes she makes them 72" long.  It just depends on what she can find.

The blue one was made from 60" yardage.  Laura says she got 5 scarves out of a yard of fabric, cuttiing so the 60" is the length of the scarf.  (If you frequent fabric stores, sometimes you can find wonderful remnants, too.)  After she cut the blue scarves, she used the rotary cutter to make the fringe.

The pink scarf was made from a throw she found on sale around Valentine's Day.  It was already die cut along opposite ends with the cute scallops and tiny hearts, and with the size of the throw, she was able to make 7 scarves.

And here's Laura, modeling the scarves she made for the troops!  I think in the photo with Laura, you get a better idea how thick and cushy the scarves are.

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