Monday, November 5, 2012

Knitted Jewelry

Marcia Hauser's seminar in Dallas inspired me to try knitting jewelry.  Here is my first small success.  It took me a few tries.  First, I tried to put too many large beads on the background and it didn't look good; then I broke the wire.  I just cut the beads off those two and tried again (you can't unravel this stuff). 

I enjoyed working from Marcia's book.  She writes a good, detailed explanation and includes lots of photos.  I especially appreciated her detailed advice as to exactly what supplies to purchase.
I like the effect of the gauzy knitted wire.  This is the copper color, and I used some glass beads I found on sale at Hobby Lobby.  I have some silver and gold wire, too.  I thought, when I bought it, that it might be fun to use all three colors in a necklace. 
I found knitting with wire awkward, but hopefully, I will improve with practice.
I'm planning to try some more!

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