Sunday, December 30, 2012

Automatic Lace Edgings on Brother Punch Card Machines

Jan King in Australia very generously wrote and explained her own method for converting the Enchanted Edgings (automatic lace edgings) for Brother punch card knitting machines.  I had done it another way, adding two blank rows, one before and one after the knit carriage punches.  However, Jan's method knocks the socks off my method, since she reduces the number of carriage passes.  You do more passes than an electronic knitting machine requires, but only two more for each lace group.  My method took 4 extra passes.  I'm sold, of course, since it's always nice to do less carriage pushes and get more lace knitted in less time. 

I figured out the patterns and punched cards yesterday, and look, in the last two days I knitted all these Enchanted Edgings laces on a Brother 890 punch card machine:

They're spread out on a towel, drying after steaming.

The next job is to take down the Brother 890 and set up the Silver Reed, just to see what can be done about these edgings with that different knitting setup.

But you know what?  For once, I'm tired of knitting.  Time to goof off.


  1. Hi Diana. Will the edgings on your DVD work on my Brother 860 (standard gauge)? I do have the lace carriage that came with the machine.

  2. Yes, they should work just fine on an 860.

  3. I would love to see it done on a Silver Reed machine

  4. HI, Diana! can you tell me how to buy your DVD about this lacing adgings???? my