Saturday, January 26, 2013

Seminar in San Diego!

I am very excited to be going to San Diego to do a seminar the second weekend in February.

First reason to be excited:  John is coming!  He's going to cashier, help with luggage, rent a car and drive us to see folks, and I guarantee you, make me laugh.  We really don't have plans for him to fix anything.  I know, that's a change, since John replaces batteries in Passap consoles and has been willing to "take a look" at all sorts of situations, but no particular plans this time.

Second reason:  We're taking a couple days first to run around Southern California and visit family.  John and I are both military brats who moved around a lot, but we lived in SoCal longer than anywhere.  Here's a chance to pester the sibs, marvel at those grown-up nieces and nephews, glimpse the ocean, and have a look at the rental.

Third reason:  It's winter here.  Mild, I realize, compared to places with the real thing, but it is colder here than there.  (At least generally; my sister did tell me about a rare, freaky freeze recently right at the beach.)

Fourth reason:  We're staying with a knitter!  I always make friends at these things.  It's not that I go through life meeting kindred souls at every turn, but knitters and CPAs are my flavor of people.

Best Reason of All:  I have the program planned, and it's good!  I'm including the no-sew slipper and several other things I just haven't done before at a seminar.  I have, of course, already guinea-pigged my very good sports at Knit Natters with some of these demos.  I put more in the handouts, as usual, than we can possibly do in two days, and we'll do as many of the "bonus" demos as we can.

I confess, I have no idea whether they have the seminar filled or there's space, but if anyone wants to find out more, email me at the link and I'll find out for you.  It would just float my boat to get somebody hooked up with a great knitting club because they first got acquainted at one of my seminars.

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