Wednesday, July 10, 2013

5-Stitch Full Fashioned Decreases at Anna's Site

So you don't speak Russian?  Neither do I, but you'll enjoy Anna's video where she's doing a sleeve cap and putting in wide full-fashioned decreases to very good effect:


  1. I watched this demo. Very interesting. Can/will you put this into English words for us?
    Thank you
    Jim Vaughn
    Nashville TN USA

  2. I could help, I think...
    Anna just posted a video by our quite famous Tatiana Kasablanka. Here is her Youtube channel -
    Tatiana graduated from college for machine knitters, has high qualification and long practice. In former USSR we used to have those colleges for undergraduates - sewing, knitting.. And she worked for a long time at the machine knitting factory/atelier. Russians like custom-made clothing, now even more.

    Tatiana called it a Classical way of knitting the sleeve cap.
    She charts customer's pattern every time she gets new order, makes swatches and all the calculations. They look like sewing patterns.

    Anyway... a few words on the video.
    After you make a body of a sleeve and casting-off stitches on both ends, use 5-prong transfer, decrease 2 sts on both sides, every 4th row.
    Right now she is knitting for size 46 (94cm bust) and the cap is 15cm tall.
    The fashion decreases are done before 14-16 rows till the end of the sleeve cap.
    For the cap to form a rounded shape, she uses short row technique.
    Cast-off loosely with 1 extra chain st between cast-off sts.
    Then you need to steam it, forming a nice curve.
    Here is Tatiana's work -
    1 -
    2 -
    Hope this helps,

  3. I love her photos and videos. Thanks for the help with the Russian, Iryna!