Monday, September 30, 2013

Seminar in Asheville, North Carolina - Please Come!

This should be completely different and very, very fun!  I am going to teach at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Asheville, North Carolina. 

The fair runs October 25 to 27, and I'm teaching Saturday and Sunday, October 26 and 27.  I've got two full days of classes planned, with my usual extensive handouts.  John is coming along to help me, and we're looking forward to sightseeing in beautiful Asheville.  We'll see the Blue Ridge Mountains, and I'm told I better get a look at the Biltmore house.  Clicking around on the web, it looks like you could easily have a week's worth of fun sightseeing in Asheville.

This is a good-sized fiber fair.  I've been clicking around on their website - here - - and reading the list of workshops might make you dizzy.  They've got classes on crochet, hand knitting tatting, hairpin lace, broomstick lace, dyeing, felting, and spinning.  And lots of other stuff... I suspect the shopping alone will make for a wonderful day.

If you've wanted to go to one of my seminars, though, I'm doing two individual daylong workshops with all sorts of MK techniques and my usual extensive handouts.  I will, of course, be absolutely thrilled if we can pick up a few non-MKers to get a good taste of our magic.

You can come to one or both all-day classes - here's the lineup:

Day One,  Saturday, 10/26, 9-4 at the Blue Barn: Bulky Machine Knitting, Cost $120  I'm going to teach all Saturday on a bulky machine, which makes it easier for you to see what I'm doing, but everything here is applicable to standard and mid-gauge machines, too. 

Session 1:  Machine knitting tricks and tips - learn some terrific ways to do things better and more easily!  Better, simpler edges and hems; make a great-looking set-in sleeve the easy way.

Session 2:  Garter Bar Basics:  Learn to adjust the stopper, use garter bar to hold stitches, do garter stitch, quaker stitch, decrease evenly across a row, increase evenly across a row, and gather with your garter bar.

Session 3:  Garter Bar Dazzlers: Move only desired stitches, woven cable, and speed ripping.

Session 4: Diana’s Most Requested Bulky Projects: Circular Swirl Baby Blanket; Big, Fat Slipper Sock; Tam; and Sew As You Go Bulky Lined Slipper.

Session 5: Shaped Entrelac Hat: Yes, the knitting machine makes beautiful, easy Entrelac, and wait 'till you see this very interesting project!  The sizes of the blocks change to make the hat shape.

Day Two, Sunday, 10/27, 9-4 at the Blue Barn, Cost $120  On Sunday, I'm switching to the standard gauge machine, and we'll take advantage of some of its unique capabilities.

Session 1: Knit Leader Exploration: Here's a class on using the Knit Leader effectively!  Wouldn't you like a logical, relatively inexpensive way to make perfectly shaped and fitted items?  I'll go over   gauge swatches; using the device with the bulky machine, doing intarsia, knitting for bigger people, and using it for craft projects.

Session 2:  Of course, you can make gorgeous lace by hand knitting, but a standard gauge electronic Brother machine can make incredible scalloped-edge lace - edgings and big pieces of fabric - using ordinary Stitch World patterns.  I have a diabolically easy way to keep track of all the needle moves.

Session 3: Automatic Lace Edgings: Here’s a terrific way to make a scalloped edge lace quickly and easily, but it requires a special stitch pattern like the ones in Diana’s book “Enchanted Edgings.” These charts are designed for Brother machines with lace carriages. The scallops form like magic, and now these patterns are all available for 24-stitch punch card Brother machines with lace carriages, as well. We’ll also do a little mirror image lace.

Session 4: Ribber Fun: Let’s do some fascinating and unusual things with the ribbing attachment, for instance, quilted ribbing, mitered ribbing for bands, unusual cast-ons and easy, practical bindoffs.

Session 5: Novelty Demos: As many as we can do in the time available! Ruched heart trim, tiny idiot cord edge, Bubble Wrap stitch, floatless vertical fair isle, helix laid cable, and twisted fringe. Please note that you will not be working on your machine in this class.

Join us!  You can sign up at the website:  


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