Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fabled Cables

I've been working on the new book, "Fabled Cables," and made up three more samples today.  Fiddling away on the knitting machine has convinced me that I should film with the easy-to-see bulky machine and probably knit actual cable projects on the mid-gauge and standard machines - it's just not cold enough here to need such very heavy knits.

I always have little piles of bad samples when I play with techniques, but when I get a good one, I make a big sample and write notes.  Here is a shot of the good samples from today.


  1. How did you made the second and third pattern? I would love to learn on how to do it since it could be a great design for the sweater I am planning to start.

  2. Are you an artist knitwear Diana.

  3. As an owner of a manual machine, I find all-over patterning (hand-manipulation), whether structure or colour causes me irritation. I begin to feel dizzy in no time. The answer for me is - edges: Structure or colour in the trim. I love the cabling in the bottom of the photo. And the cable in the top reminds me of an application you mentioned, from way back, when you were introducing me to I-cord and you mentioned applying it as a separate applique. Thinking that the bottom panel would be great in a pullover as a neck, sleeve and body edge and as a button band if a cardigan. Thinking that the applied i-cord in a different colour to an all-over knit (striking to otherwise plain knit), maybe raglan with seams made more obvious, perhaps even here applied i-cord. Not a fan of big cables or any big pattern, being a short, small-boned person big patterning buries me. Thinking that the middle cable would be exciting as a tube scarf. Maybe several large cables along the tube that lessen into a single cable with a tassel. Apparently, it is possible to do a 2-colour cable in hand-knitting, don't know about machine. Just thought of a great pattern to incorporate into a scarf with cabled pockets at the ends. In one of your early vids you showed how to do a basket weave cable square that is normally placed in the centre of a cabled pullover. How about that on the pocket, whether scarf ends or cardigan or pullover? I think that the big cable in the middle would look good incorporated into a poncho, even on a petite size, like myself. Shine ON* Katie

  4. I love these, what machine did you do these on?

  5. LOL, have you been feeling cold enough the past few days? What a winter storm we're having already. It's hitting you guys up in Austin harder than us here, in Houston.

    It'd be great if you do a tutorial video on these cables. I've seen a dress made with various patterns of fabled cable in Macy's not too long ago. Cautiously, I snapped a few pictures with my phone. (^_^)

    I'm looking forward for your book to be published.