Thursday, December 5, 2013

And, Now, a Message to Our Loved Ones... Gift Ideas for Machine Knitters!

Let us have a short pause in the machine knitting obsession for the sake of our dear ones.  These beloved individuals are searching, at this very moment, for fabulous gift ideas for the adorable machine knitter in their life.

This post is for you, dearly loved machine-knitting friends and family.  If your machine knitting maven has printed and clipped it out for you, left it under your pillow, or taped it to the fridge with a note that your favorite dessert is on the middle shelf, take the hint, okay?

These are the gift items that machine knitters long for:

1.  Luxury yarn - wool, alpaca, cashmere, silk...while it's in the skein, your knitter will pet it gently for comfort after a tough day.  When it's knitted up, we'll hug it close and remember what a lovely person gave us this luscious yarn.  Perhaps your knitting sweetie has an allergy or a color obsession, and your kind attention to those issues will come to mind as your adored knitter whips up a plummy bamboo scarf that is SO "her."  Do you find choosing a good yarn daunting - you could get a gift certificate to a favorite fiber store.

2.  Knitting area enhancements...cubbies and cone trees for yarn; shelves for books, holders for magazines, pegboard for parts, totes and trays for hand tools.  How about an umbrella stand to hold cast-on combs and sponge bars?  How about a comfortable, adjustable rolling chair?  How about a nifty magnifying lamp?

3.  Light your knitter's eyes up with an awesome accessory for his or her favorite machine.  Yes, this is just a bit more difficult, but all you have to do is ask a few questions.  Maybe the most-wanted item is a garter carriage for a Brother or an electronic lace carriage for a Studio.  Maybe it's a motor, or a color changer, or garter bar, or transfer carriage, or an electric yarn winder.   Yes, you need one that fits the correct machine, but a good dealer can help you with that.

4.  A subscription to a machine knitting magazine is always welcome!  Whether it's online or in print, your knitter will find something great in every issue.  Consider Knitter's Edge (online), Machine Knitting Monthly (print), or Country Knitting of Maine (print).    UPDATE & CORRECTION:  Go to Knit It Now, not Knitter's Edge, as BJ has reminded me they are no longer current.  I was thinking Knit It Now, and typed Knitter's Edge!

5.  Consider providing your knitter with a trip to a great knitting seminar!  Here are some of the best...The Knit Knack Shop's Spring Fling, Monroe Area Machine Knitters, Pacifically Passap, and Fingerlakes Machine Knitting Seminar.   By the way, my 2014 seminar commitments so far are Knit Knack's Spring Fling, the Minnesota seminar, and Fingerlakes.

6.   A personal touch is cost nothing but is always greatly appreciated!  How about a few hours of babysitting, elder sitting, some casserole for the fridge, or some other assistance so your knitter can find a little time to knit.


  1. Love it!!!! Am passing it on to family now! LOL

  2. might not want to send anyone to Knitters Edge, they are no longer current, but I guess you can still get to the old content. The other (current) online one is Knit it Now

  3. The "Minnesota Seminar" is called "Purls of Joy" and will be held May 2nd & 3rd, 2014 in Princeton, MN.

    As BJ said, Knitters Edge no longer exists, although the site is still up, and likely still accepting payment for old, outdated material. It hasn't been updated in over 2 years. Knit it Now is updated almost daily.

  4. Is that the correct seminar that Diana will be teaching at?

    Rocking Horse Farms and Cindy's Knitting rooms also have fall seminars, plus Dorothy Rosman's Lake Country Knitters have a one day seminar in October.

    I need to know which weekend to take off from work!