Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Does anybody know what a Brother 9000 is?

Over at Vanda's blog, she says she's looking for a Brother 9000 manual.  There's a picture there of a machine that looks about like a 940 to me and is labeled "Defendi 9000."  Since Vanda's in Italy, maybe it's the way an importer relabels a common Brother model.

I am just curious and can't help asking - Does anybody know which model is relabeled a Defendi 9000?


  1. The 9000 is a new one to me, most all Brother machines in Italy are "Defendi". I found a few close up photo's of the 9000 looks like a 970 cousin.

    I did send Vanda an email as I located the manual in Italy. Curious to know which model it really is.

  2. Defendi is the name of Brother in Italy

  3. Brother KH900:

    This was a budget electronic. 24 stitch repeat patterns with single motif, it has 50 built in patterns and will take a cartridge from a PPD. It is a cross between a punch card and a electronic. It normally comes without a lace carriage set, this was sold as a separate accessory. Approximately twelve years old. If it has been looked after, this is a nice machine if a little limiting for an electronic.