Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another Baby Blanket

This one's a simple tuck, but uses lots of baby colors.  I alternated white with different colors from partial cones.  It takes a little patience to keep threading up different colors, but I enjoyed working on it, and just love the finished results. 

Note how different the knit and purl sides are, and notice the fold-over edging (which I machine sewed to one side, then hand sewed down on the other side):

After doing so many pastel blankets, the next baby blanket is a change.  I purchased louder colors!


  1. A great way to use up yarn, will give this a go soon!

  2. I am interested in what type of edging you did as it really makes the blanket

  3. This is a foldover edging I plan to put in the book, and I've also filmed the edging for a YouTube video later this year.

  4. I just found your blog. I have a brother machine that hasn't been used in 12 years, or when they stopped making them. I have been thinking of starting again but I know my sponge bars are FLAT and won't work. Can you tell me where I can get replacements? I just viewed your sock videos and was enthralled.

    1. I got very good sponge bars recently from a seller named "Leanneco" on eBay. The prices were good, service quick, and shipping was reasonable.

  5. Such a cute blanket, Diana! I love how the colours go nicely together with this pattern.
    Kind greetings from Austria, Gabriele.

  6. Your blanket is just lovely, Diana. Is this a simple tuck pattern, off of stitch world? With the ribber?

    I could really use a nice, plain and simple project that doesn't require tons of concentration, counting and computation. I have got about a grillion odd balls of sock yarn that would make for lovely blankets :-)

  7. There is a company called and they have all kinds on their website. I have used them and recommend them